CAS 9050‐31‐1

Nulose HP

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Phthalate (HPMC‐P)

Nulose HPMC-P are the ideal enteric coating polymers. They can be used for the sustained release of tablets, capsule adhesive, microencapsulation substrate, implants, taste masking agents, microspheres, oral membranes, and solid dispersion. The release rate is based on the pH value.

Technical Specification

Complies with USP/NF and EP

Preparation for Coating Solution

Organic solvents for HPMC-P :
Acetone:Water = 9:1
Methylene Chloride Ethanol = 1:1
Acetone:Ethanol = 1:1
Ethanol:Water = 8:2 (Solution temperature above 25°C)
Methylene Chloride:Ethanol:Water = 5:4:1

Dissolving method

Add the suggested amount of solvent while slowly stirring, add HPMC-P and stir until desired viscosity.


25 kg polyethylene bag in a fiber drum.