Carbomer / Acrylates Copolymers


Nupol are synthetic high molecular weight cross-linked water-soluble polymers of acrylic acid, more commonly known as carbomers. They are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


  • Thickening: To produce a wide range of viscosities and flow properties
  • Suspending: Insoluble ingredients
  • Stabilizing: Emulsion


  • Thickening Efficiency: Low viscosity at high concentration
  • Uniform Performance: Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance, while natural gums vary in their performance.
  • Temperature Stability: There is no significant effect of temperature on Polymer.
  • Unaffected by aging: Excellent shelf life.
  • Microbial Resistance: Resists bacterial attack and does not support mold growth.
  • Versality: Although primarily used in aqueous systems with neutralization, it can alse be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.
  • Elegance: Smooth and luxurious feeling.